mr.h’s branding and web development expertise has helped this specialist tour operator expand from its original ski market base and establish a pathway to leadership in all types of Scandinavian holidays.

skiNorway the original brand was in need of an overhaul so we completely re-vamped the brand’s identity and online presence: re-designing, re-developing and creating content for an entirely new website designed for a search landscape that will be dominated by mobile.

The portfolio was then extended to create a house of brands including three new ski brands: ski-Lapland, ski-Sweden and ski-Iceland, as well as Cloudberry, a new, all-seasons operation targeting upmarket holidaymakers.


Cloudberry is a new, all-seasons, tailormade tour operator brand developed by mr.h for Scandinavian Travel. The website (which is currently at phase one stage of development) was designed and developed to appeal to a discerning, upmarket audience.